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AgitArte continues the When We Fight We Win book tour! Our next stop is the Washington DC Public Library for their Martin Luther King Celebration. Join us for an author talk, performance & community discussion!
Click here for details, and purchase your copy of When We Fight, We Win!: Twenty First Century Movements and the Activists that are Transforming Our World.

AgitArte at Facing Race

¡A CÁNTAROS! : Sobre la Mesa 13
¡Títeres en miniatura para adultos!

December 9-11, 2016
Sobre La Mesa is a puppetry event for adult audiences. The puppeteers are presented with an identical object that is the point of departure for the creation of a six-minute piece that is presented on a table inside a labyrinth made out of red fabric.
Sobre La Mesa 13: ¡A Cántaros! was sponsored by the CBA Artists Residency Program.
See our Projects section to learn more!
Photo by Ricardo Alcaraz

AgitArte & Papel Machete at Mijente's LÁNZATE 2016 Convening

December 2-4, 2016 | San Juan, PR
Lánzate is Mijente's second convening since its launch last December. AgitArte artists Dey Hernández and Jorge Díaz Ortiz are members of Lánzate's Host Committee and coordinating the artistic component of the convening. Member artists of Papel Machete will also be performing at Lánzate. Click here to read more about the convening and here to purchase tickets!


"When We Fight We Win"

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Los Sures Cantastoria

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People's Climate March

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Immigrant detention center in
Inland Empire, CA

¡A CÁNTAROS! : Sobre la Mesa 13

¡Títeres en miniatura para adultos!
Puerto Rico


Papel Machete

Artist Residencies



AgitArte initiates and leads community educational and art programs in marginalized communities since 1997. We work in communities threatened by under-development, displacement and gentrification, using the arts and cultural work to educate and to organize for social and economic justice.

AgitArte’s mission is to create projects and practices of cultural solidarity with workers and marginalized communities in grassroots struggles to protest injustice and propose alternatives that, in turn, generate possibilities for fundamental transformations in our world.

  • Cultural Solidarity

    We focus on cultural solidarity with individuals, communities, organizations, and their struggles rooted in the holistic understanding that humans require more than their material needs satisfied. Cultural work facilitates emotional as well as economic development.

  • Popular Education & Agitation

    We help to build the cultural infrastructure of grassroots struggles (using street theatre and political puppetry, etc) while also educating and agitating for the social, economic, and human rights of the diverse communities of the working classes.

  • Artists/Cultural Worker Development

    Our work requires the artistic and educational development of cultural workers committed not only to their art but also to the social and economic progress of the people most involved in these struggles, especially those most impacted by the enduring inequalities in the United States and Puerto Rico.

  • ¡AgitArte
    para la

Our Artists

Jorge Díaz Ortiz

Founder & Artistic Director

Jorge is a cultural worker/popular educator, community organizer, puppeteer and DJ (Cano Cangrejo) from Puerto Rico with over 20 years of praxis in the field. Jorge is deeply committed to working class struggles that challenge patriarchy, white supremacy, imperialism and capitalism in all of its forms. He received his BA in Mass Communication from Emerson College, Boston in 1994. He is currently the artistic director of AgitArte. He is actively engaged in struggles for liberation and a member of the Movimiento Socialista de Trabajadores. Jorge is also a founding member of Papel Machete, a collective of radical artists and street theater/puppetry workers dedicated to education, agitation and solidarity work in 21st century Puerto Rico and its Diaspora. He has been a political adviser, mentor, gathering designer and an editor of the book When We Fight, We Win!.

Dey Hernández Vázquez

Curator, Designer and Board Member

Deymirie (Dey) Hernández Vázquez is an architect, interdisciplinary artist, and educator. She holds a Master of Architecture (MArch) from the University of Puerto Rico, and is a board member of AgitArte. She received her BS in Environmental Design in 2001 from the same institution. Issues of race, identity, language, and community are fundamental to her work. She experiences first-hand the power of the creative process in the lives of youth, as a teaching artist throughout the city of Boston. She has designed and directed art workshops with AgitArte since 2008, and is also a puppeteer of the radical workers’ theater collective, Papel Machete. Her work and performances most recently have been exhibited at the Mills Gallery of the Boston Center for the Arts, Hibernian Hall, Roxbury Community College and Loisaida Center, Lower East Side, New York City. Currently, Dey is the art director and curator of the book When We Fight, We Win! and collaborates with Danza Orgánica, a social justice oriented dance theater company based in Boston.

Sugeily Rodriguez Lebron

Papel Machete Co-Director, Casa-Taller Resident Artist

Sugeily Rodríguez Lebrón is a performance artist, puppeteer and active member of Papel Machete. She gratuated in 2001 from the University of Puerto Rico with a BA in History. Sugeily is a committee member of "Titeretada", an annual event that celebrates world puppetry day and puppeteers of "Sobre la Mesa" collective. She collaborated with Las Américas Museum for the coordination of "Cuentos de las Américas", a monthly puppet show and puppet/mask-making workshops for children. She worked as administrator of Pablo Casals Museum and Teatro Estudio Yerbabruja and for more than 10 years she was Program Coordinator for the Festival Casals de Puerto Rico and Festival Interamericano de las Artes. Sugeily is currently working as program coordinator and artist with AgitArte in Puerto Rico.

Anabel Vázquez Rodríguez

Curator, 2015 Casa-Taller Artist in Residence

Anabel Vázquez Rodríguez is an independent curator, artist and organizer. Her current curatorial projects include Guest Curator at Galería Yemayá saluting the IV Trienal Poli/Gráfica de San Juan: América Latina y el Caribe; in collaboration with her curatorial collective DISCORDIAFILMS (2009 - present) creating video cultural exchanges between the Americas. She founded the art collective Esprit De Corps (2002-2008) and was curator at Inquilinos Boricuas en Acción’s LA GALERÍA from 2010-12.2014. A 2013 full scholarship recipient to The Association of American Cultures' Open Dialogue Conference in Providence RI, she has been recognized as an authoritative voice, holding positions on judging panels for the Rhode Island State Council on the Arts, the Boston Foundation, and the TransCultural Exchange Conference on International Opportunities in the Arts.

Shannon Duncan

Casa-Taller Artist in Residence

Shannon is a farmer and food advocate from Toronto, Ontario. For five years, she has travelled throughout North America spearheading sustainable food growing systems in diverse environments, from homesteads to urban gardens. Most recently, Shannon acted as the farmer at Bread and Puppet Theater in Vermont. She has a Masters degree in Creative Writing and is a qualified Home Economist with the Ontario College of Teachers.

Augustín Muños Ríos

Papel Machete Member, Casa-Taller Resident Artist

Agustín Muñoz Ríos is a Puerto Rican musician, singer-songwriter and guitar player. He currently studies composition in the Puerto Rico Conservatory of Music under Manuel Ceide, and also takes guitar courses with Leonardo Egúrbida and Luis Enrique Juliá. In 2004 he travelled to Cuba as Cultural Ambassador of Puerto Rico with the Juan Rius Rivera Brigade, giving concerts in Holguín and Havana, and participating in the A Guitarra Limpia series of the Centro Pablo La Torriente Brau. He was a member of the board of directors of the Taller de Cantautores cooperative, participating in various recitals in their famed Cafe-Theater in Rio Piedras. Founding member of the group Perros de Pavlov, with two recordings (2011 and 2014), he has penned most of its songs. With them, he has performed throughout Puerto Rico and in Madrid, Barcelona, and Málaga in Spain, in 2012. Since 2011 he has been a part of Papel Machete theater collective, being the director of its Street Band since 2013. He has published articles in printed and digital media, including Bandera Roja and Indymedia Puerto Rico, on the political situation and musical scene of his country.

Javier Maldonado

Papel Machete Co-Director

Javier has an MFA, mayor in Printmaking and minor in Painting, from Rochester Institute of Technology, New York in 2009. He received his BA in Fine Arts at the University of Puerto Rico in 2003. The same year, he joined the Puerto Rico Indymedia collective as web administrator, reporter and photojournalist. In 2005, Javier joined the AgitArte project at San Mateo de Cangrejos, Santurce. Later, he became part of the street theater troupe Papel Machete in 2006 where he works as a puppeteer and illustrator, and recently became one of his art directors. His work has been shown in Puerto Rico, Miami, San Francisco, Boston, Vermont, New York, Japan, Spain, Portugal, Dominican Republic and Cuba. He also works as an adjunct professor at the School of Fine Arts of San Juan, and at the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras campus Museum, as an art instructor.

Osvaldo Budet

Videographer and Visual Artist

Osvaldo Budet (b. 1979) is a Puerto Rican artist based between New York and Berlin. He graduated in 2008 from the 'Maryland Institute College of Art' with a Master of Fine Arts. His films, photography and paintings are centered around post colonialism, colonialism and environmental politics in art. His work is held in both public and private museums and collections in the USA, Puerto Rico and Europe. In 2012 he was an artist in residence in the Arctic with the 'Alfred Wegener Institute of Polar and Marine Research'. He has collaborated with BMW Germany and Kirow Germany. His films have been shown in international exhibitions and festivals in San Juan, Tel Aviv, New York and Berlin.

Lío Villahermosa

Collaborating Artist

Lío Villahermosa is a visual artist, dancer of Puerto Rican bomba music and an teacher of both disciplines. He has a BA in Humanities from the University of Puerto Rico. His work transits between visual arts, dance, and performance. Being knowledgeable in traditional forms, he reformulates them, making a commentary on masculinities and gender roles. His story is the focus of the documentary " El hijo de Ruby" by Gisela Rosario Ramos. His works include the performance "Con la falda bien puesta" (2012), and the art exhibit "Cuarentena y Magestades (2015). Currently, he offers art and dance workshops in his community of Santurce.

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